subject to change and these are all base prices  

call for confirmation 
parts not included

Labor Rate

$95 if we order your parts

​$115  if you bring in parts

Services : We are on the same book time as the dealership, but our hourly charge is substantially less

Cam chain tensioner 6.5 hours

Tire Changes :

> $40 off of the bike

> 1 hour and up Rear on bike

(increases dependent on bike exhaust system
​> .75 Front on bike

​                        *We will not reuse tubes*


1 hour per tube


>Direct swap $100 (non internal wire, non ape)
​>Mini Apes $300-$600

 >Apes/ZBars $450-$600

Transmission Rebuilds $500+

Top End -

begins at $700 for gaskets, machining is price increase

Full Engine - Labor 1500-2k+

(labor and parts Begin at 3500 if the engine alone is brought)

​$250 cylinder bore

​$30-$50 per hole in head

Rod Rebuild $250 - new rod set run ABOUT $300+TAX

Lace and Tru Wheels $250

Carb Work- 1.5 hour 

Inner Primary - 2.5 hours

Mids Install 3-3.5 hours

​will continue to add to this list. Please call, text or email me with your specific needs/desires.